Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Last Post?

It's been more than a few weeks since Caracas,which went pretty well. The stage was big and I was able to control the sound levels on my side of the stage. Moving Rothers to the opposite side from me helped too. My hearing is not what it was but I can live with it. Hopefully the sounds I'm making for the new album sound as good to you as they do to me,

Two weeks ago I went into hospital for the biopsy which involved drilling a hole through the back of my nose into the bone in the centre of my head below my brain. Today I received the letter with the results. Apparently, the consultant had trouble taking a sample of the bone because it was so hard. I should have warned him I'm Irish and he would need to use a diamond tipped drill.. Although the lab couldn't offer a complete diagnosis they are pretty confident that whatever it is it's not nasty and it's unlikely to cause me any problems. I have to go back for a repeat scan in November, presumably to make sure it isn't getting bigger and that's it.
Not the total all clear that I was hoping for but as good as. I'm going to celebrate! Well I would if we didn't have so much work to do on this album before we start rehearsals for the US tour. It's coming up fast. I'm sure it will be a total blast too.

thank you for reading and see you somewhere soon.



  1. Great news! :)
    A big hug to you and Angie xoxo

  2. @markke11y Dear God, give us many years of Mark Kelly in good health, so we can keep enjoying wonderful music from his head and his hands. A hug from Caracas, Venezuela

  3. Utterly excellent, Mark! Good to hear the news!

  4. Continued well wishes from me and Jon, Mark... and we look forward to seeing you soon in NYC.. and Philly... and DC. :)
    Linda Heath

  5. Oh my god mark! I feel it so much! But I like that you do not lose your sense of humos. Irish head hard. I hope the life cure you and you continue doing better and you can do: live, dream, touch your keyboard. I love you very much, support you from here -caracas-. It will celebrate with you forever! by the way: the concert here was incredible. it change my life forever!!!

  6. Fantastic news. Thanks for sharing. Xx

  7. ... and of course, there are great and good news my fried! ;)

  8. Thanks for the news! See you in november in Munich! I´m looking forward to the new Marillion- album!!!!

  9. Great news, Mark! Hope you will find time to celebrate!
    See you in July :)

  10. Brilliant news! See you in Cardiff and Manchester!


  11. Great News Marky boy. You could always get that Rothers guy to turn it down a bit............nah!!!!!!!! See you Up the Junction.

  12. Thanks for the update! I guess that's some least they don't seem alarmed....Can't wait to see you and the band in NYC in 5 weeks!

  13. Hi Mark,

    Believe it or not but I managed to miss all of this until I was sent a link to this blog post by a friend yesterday. I just spent some time reading the entire series, which proved to be an education in more than one sense. For one thing I am now listening to "King of Number 33" :-) Anyway I want to wish you the best of luck in recovering from this nasty condition. Rest assured that literally thousands and thousands of people from all over the world are sending good vibes your way, which seems like such an insignificant repayment for all the beauty you have given us over the years, but alas it is the only thing we can do. For me, and undoubtedly for many other people too, your story is a potent reminder that we need to enjoy each day we get to be in good health to the fullest.

    Kind regards,

    Jos Visser
    Zürich, Switzerland

  14. This sounds really great and I am very happy for you! See you soon-ish in LA and SF!


  15. Hi Mark,

    Being grown in Bielsko-Biala in Poland listening Marillion all those years, I live in Dublin now for the last 9 years and just found out that you were born here.
    I hope everything will be well for you soon and you quickly forget about all those things, they will stay behind. :)

    All the best!

  16. Great news; I hope things continue to improve. Really looking forward to seeing you again in Toronto this year and at the Montreal weekend next year!

  17. Mark, so good to hear of this fantastic development. I don't think there's better news! So happy you will be coming to the States. I'll be sure to see you! Cheers, JJ

  18. Thanks for the update and the good news, Mark. Just what I had expected, and I'm happy about that.
    See you somewhere else soon.

  19. Woo hoo! Great news!

  20. hey, that's great! Estonia wishes all the best to you - best keyboards since i got my first vinyl record. Celebration today - wife got neg result on breast as well! Marillion all weekend now.Take care and be well, Mark.

  21. Shooting up a prayer for you, Mark. Canada loves you guys and we look forward to hearing you very soon in Toronto.

  22. hi Mark, I have just been reading your blog and I have to thank you for making me chuckle. I was diagnosed yesterday with SSHL and am in the middle of the panic stage, with my left ear making all kinds of crazy noises so it made me feel better to read about yours and know that someone else can relate. I am going to try and stay optimistic that the steroid treatment helps, I seem to be lucky in that I got in to see an emergency ENT within 24 hours. On the bad side, the hearing loss is quite significant so we shall see. At any rate, your blog made me smile a bit and I am feeling better about things so thank you for sharing your stories. all the best

    Karina from Vancouver, Canada

  23. Mark, I am glad you are feeling comfortable with the results thus far. At the Philly show I was standing in front of you and Pete and did notice you were always tilting your head to the left. It looked somewhat odd and I was wondering why you were doing it but assumed it was the quality (or lack of) sound at the TLA. I also noticed that Pete moved to your side and now understand why. I had no clue you were going through all this. From what I was reading it would have made me insane. I am still furious that they sent you an email telling you about this "bone disease". I would have had someone ass as they say in the US. By looking at you, you wouldn't have known anything was going on. I am really glad you are feeling better and really hope the future scan shows either the same or better progress. It wasn't clear if the bone disease caused the suddden SSHL or was it the dive that triggered it? I thought to myself if you wished you hadn't gone to look at the turtle. Thank you for sharing your experience by blogging. I have to say I was really enthralled while reading. I felt your fear. If I may share something...I think blogging is amazing (if that is the right word I'm looking for). I wish I could blog my life stories. I write but on paper. It is my way of getting it out of my system. I have notebooks hidden in drawers all over my bedroom. Some may even make for some good songs. Stay well and keep us posted.



  24. Hello,

    My name is John and I have a quick question about your blog! Could you please email me?

    Thank you,


  25. Hi Mark

    I was unaware of your issues until reading the latest issue of The Web. I've just been reading through it.

    I'm a guitarist (amateur) but can totally understand how devistating this can be for anyone - also as I have suffered similar in the past. I've had bouts on and off of a kind of tinnitus in my ear similar to how you describe, I don't go totally deaf it is just very very dull, like there is a cushion in the way, but loud noise and low notes really can be quite painful. Coupled with this, sometimes at the same time or later on after I've had a bout with the ear I lose balance and have a wild visual disturbance as well - the world goes right quickly then flips instantly back to the left when my brain says "Hang on that isn't right"... it is the worst thing ever, I just lie down being sick regularly for anything up to 18 hours..

    Pleased you are on some road to recovery - I'm not had an attack for well over a year now, in the end I figured regular exercise was the main trigger. Honestly I'm not being lazy I had to take time off from exercise with a knee injury and attacks stopped... knee better back to exercise and attacks started so I stopped exercising and attacks went away.

    BTW - Sounds that can't be made, one of the best albums you've made in a long time - really really brilliant - congrats

  26. Mark you should research an amino acid called cysteine. It has improved hearing for people if taken every day for about 3 months, around 500 mg. a day. Your doctor probably won't have a clue about it - but remember, they simply do not know everything. Cysteine is a simple nutritional supplement but it has restored people's hearing to a certain degree.

    This also might sound really stupid, but: believe it or not, wax build up in the ear can cause tinnitus. I had ringing coming from one ear so badly that I thought that was it, and it went on for months - until I had that ear irrigated - and boom. Tinnitus gone same day. So anyway, it might be worth checking to see if you do have any impacted wax in there. The result of getting it out is hilariously obvious.

    By the way, writing this from my hotel room in Montreal! Thanks for coming!

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