Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Last Post?

It's been more than a few weeks since Caracas,which went pretty well. The stage was big and I was able to control the sound levels on my side of the stage. Moving Rothers to the opposite side from me helped too. My hearing is not what it was but I can live with it. Hopefully the sounds I'm making for the new album sound as good to you as they do to me,

Two weeks ago I went into hospital for the biopsy which involved drilling a hole through the back of my nose into the bone in the centre of my head below my brain. Today I received the letter with the results. Apparently, the consultant had trouble taking a sample of the bone because it was so hard. I should have warned him I'm Irish and he would need to use a diamond tipped drill.. Although the lab couldn't offer a complete diagnosis they are pretty confident that whatever it is it's not nasty and it's unlikely to cause me any problems. I have to go back for a repeat scan in November, presumably to make sure it isn't getting bigger and that's it.
Not the total all clear that I was hoping for but as good as. I'm going to celebrate! Well I would if we didn't have so much work to do on this album before we start rehearsals for the US tour. It's coming up fast. I'm sure it will be a total blast too.

thank you for reading and see you somewhere soon.