Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday 1st Feb

I started running a few days ago after a long break. Marathons can really put you off running. Also, I was having trouble with my knees whenever I ran so I've been running in these odd looking shoes called Vibram Five Fingers. Angie calls them my monkey feet. They help you run properly which avoids impact stress to the knees. This morning I ran down by the river. It was cold but really enjoyable. We started at 11am in the studio. I was feeling done in by 5:30 and asked Mike if it was OK to have a break. My ears combined with much less sleep than I'm used to are taking their toll. The music is progressing and sounding really good so no complaints there. I got my scan results back. The consultant said that my inner ear and related nerves all looked fine but there was something else he was concerned about. It may be something or nothing but I would need a different type of scan to be sure it was nothing and not something. I hope it's nothing. Some people have expressed concern that we may have to cancel some gigs. Please don't worry about that. Our first gig is months away and my rate of recovery has been great up until now. This time last week I was stone deaf in my left ear. Today, I couldn't answer the phone with my left ear but I'm sure I could do a gig tomorrow if I had to. I'm in bed early and I've taken a Nytol to help me sleep. I hate taking anything to aid sleep because it's a slippery slope but it's been a week now since I've had a decent nights sleep and i need one.


  1. Asking if gigs will be cancelled is basically worrying about how this will affect you personally. Please, the overriding concern should be for Mark's health and quality of life.

    1. I think it's perfectly reasonable for people to worry if gigs will be cancelled. After all, many people book flights, hotels and holiday time to see us in far away places. We haven't toured the USA for many years and many people are looking forward to it. We will be there. Marillion have never had to cancel tour since h joined us in 1989. We aren't about to start now.

  2. What can i say....i wish the best recovery possible 2 u Mark...I love Marillion & your input with the group but my wish is above all that, my wish is for u Mark ...4 the human being not only the musician!!

    Regards...Stephan from Montpellier (France)


  3. hope you are getting better Mark!
    big hugs and lots of LOVE

  4. Your blog makes for very interesting reading. I know a little bit about what you're going through but only purely by chance because a friend of mine set up a Tinnitus Association in Gibraltar a couple of years ago. Even so, it's something I've mainly not been too interested in or devoted much time reading about.... Until now. I hope your progress continues and you make a full or at least sizeable recovery. In the meantime, your Blog is doing a great job in raising awareness to people like me who have up until now been ignorant of the facts. Thank you.

  5. Hi Mark, Assume you've seen the Lancet article at, if you can't access it, send
    an email and I'll cut and paste it. But don't beat yourself up over
    delaying seeing someone - doesn't change the outcome as long as <7 days.
    Get well soon.
    best pAUL aka Dr Know. paul (at)

  6. Mark...I know you hate to take something to eb able to sleep, and it was a week ago you hadn´t a decent sleep...but excercise helps for sure...and perhaps you could tray some yoga?? It may an option...When is the 2nd scan?? It won´t be anything, I´m sure >:)

  7. Thanks very much for sharing this difficult time with us, Mark. Wishing you all the best in the world for a full recovery.

  8. Thanks for sharing all this, Mark. I'm very keen to know how things turn out. I have developed a condition called Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence (hole in the balance canal wall) which basically results in sound being physically conducted into the in a quiet space I can hear odd stuff like my eyes moving, I get all sorts of weird sounds from blood flow and neck muscles when my head is in different positions. If I'm eating something crunchy, I have to turn the TV up! I also find I now get slight tuning differences between my ears at some frequencies. I am living with all of the above and still enjoy listening to and making music (keen but very amateur). I seriously hope you get a good outcome and quickly.

  9. Mark, I'd give up seeing Marillion live ever again if it meant you recovering fully (and believe me, I'm not saying this lightly!)

    Get well.

  10. Get well soon Mark and all the best to you!

  11. I had an ear infection about two years ago & since then everytime i put the telephone up to my right ear it makes the voice on the other end sound like they're under water. Not good.
    Get better soon Mark!