Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday 31st Jan

Tuesday was fairly uneventful from the point of view of my hearing. I decided against carrying out my early morning hearing test. The incremental improvements have been getting less each day and I didn't want to start the day with the disappointment of no detectable improvement. I'll give it a few days before another test. We worked on a song that lyrically is to do with Montreal. I won't go into any detail, that's for Mr h to do when he's ready. I'm enjoying working with the guys at Real World, who wouldn't? It's a fantastic environment in which to create music. I've been taking a few breaks here and there when I feel that the sound pressure is getting too much. We tend to spend as much time discussing what we are going to do as actually doing it so there's plenty of "ear down time" By coincidence, BBC Radio 4's "Book of the Week" this week is by Nick Coleman, the journalist with SSHL that I mentioned a few days ago. He talks about hearing loss and his love of music. There's a lot of it about. It's like the Blue Car Effect; you don't notice how many blue cars there are around until you buy one yourself. It sounds like the tuning discrepancy between my ears is improving today but I've noticed a new effect that could become annoying. Every time I turn my head to the right I hear a sound like a zipper in my left ear. Zipppp! Turn to the left, silence (if you ignore the sound of escaping steam and dentists drills) Turn right, zipppp... Every time. Ho hum.


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  2. Hey Mark, I'm suffering from the same thing (right ear) and it's been going on for the past year. One question, does the level of the ringing "fluctuate"? In other words is it louder some times than others? Even though I do have some hearing loss in my ear the level of the ringing goes up and down, and there's really nothing I can do to change the level (although if I move my jaw forward it changes to a higher pitch) I've had blood tests, MRI's, the works but still haven't been able to find anything. It's unfortunate to hear about the trouble you are having but also a relief I'm finding someone with roughly the same symptoms. There's a national Tinnitus center here in Colorado (I'm in the states) and will be speakng with them in the next couple of weeks, I'll let you know if I learn anything. Keep us posted and hopefully we can beat this thing together!

    1. Your symptoms sound similar to mine. I even get the whole pitch control with jaw thing. For me, it can get quite loud, but the only time I even notice the tinnitus is when actively listen for it though. Best to you all...

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